Engineer with interest in cryptography.

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Some free time side projects:

  • go-snark-study: Go zkSNARK implementation from scratch (compiler, setup, prover, verifier)
  • go-bellman-verifier: Go Groth16 zkSNARK bellman proof verifier using cloudflare/bn256 Pairing
  • babyjubjub-rs: BabyJubJub elliptic curve implementation in Rust
  • kzg-commitments: Kate-Zaverucha-Goldberg (KZG10) Polynomial Commitments in Go
  • fri-commitment: FRI polynomial commitment in Rust
  • ipa-rs: modified Inner Product Argument (IPA) version from Halo paper in Rust using arkworks.
  • ring-signatures-rs: bLSAG ring signatures implementation in Rust
  • poseidon-rs: Poseidon hash implementation in Rust
  • go-blindsecp256k1: Blind signatures over secp256k1 elliptic curve in Go (with the compatible typescript implementation)
  • merkletree-rs: Sparse MerkleTree implementation in Rust (also a Go impl go-merkletree)
  • shamirsecretsharing: Shamir's Secret Sharing Rust & Go implementation + WASM lib
  • evm-rs: partial implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) in Rust
  • kvartalo: a local social cryptocurrency for neigbourhoods, that we used in a Barcelona neighbourhood as experiment during few months. Build on top of Ethereum blockchain & Tendermint Core
  • chip8-rs: CHIP-8 virtual machine emulator written in Rust (also a Go impl go-chip8)
  • fft-rs: Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) implementation in Rust
  • miksi: Ethereum zk-coin-mixer where all the computation & constructions are done offchain and then proved inside a zkSNARK to the smart-contract. (live demo on testnet)
  • eth-kzg-ceremony-alt: Alternative implementation of the contributor-client for the Ethereum KZG Trusted Setup Ceremony
More projects directly in github: (Mirror of all the repos at:

blog | github (git-mirror) | twitter

Recent Work:

0xPARC Research -

Applied cryptography research
Research and implementations of folding schemes.
  • privacy-scaling-explorations/sonobe: folding schemes modular library. Implemented Nova, CycleFold, HyperNova and part of ProtoGalaxy.
  • protogalaxy-poc: ProtoGalaxy folding scheme proof of concept implementation
  • privacy-scaling-explorations/multifolding-poc: HyperNova folding scheme proof of concept implementation

Vocdoni & Aragon-Research -

Decentralized governance & voting tooling.
Design and implementation of voting schemes using zkSNARKs and other cryptographic schemes.
  • vocdoni/keccak256-circom: ethereum sha3 (keccak256) hash function implemented in Circom
  • vocdoni/zk-census-proof: anonymous census proof circuit used in Vocdoni's Blockchain
    • aragonzkresearch/ark-anon-vote: (similar design, implemented in arkworks) onchain anonymous voting snark circuit.
  • vocdoni/arbo: optimized MerkleTree which parallelizes by CPUs for faster computation, compatible with circomlib implementation
  • aragonzkresearch/ark-ec-blind-signatures: Blind signatures over elliptic curve implementation (native & r1cs constraints)
OVOTE: Offchain Voting with Onchain Trustless Execution (kind of a validity-Rollup for voting) Blind-OVOTE: (OVOTE with Blind Signatures) L2 validity rollup combined with blind signatures over elliptic curves inside zkSNARK, to provide offchain anonymous voting with onchain binding execution on Ethereum

Hermez zkRollup -

Decentralized zkRollup on Ethereum.
Main task has been to implement the Hermez node, used to launch the mainnet of the zkRollup network (1.0):
My focus has been mainly in the TxSelector, TxProcessor (managing the rollup state tree) and BatchBuilder (generating the data structure compatible with the zkSNARK circuits to do the proof generation).

iden3 -

Scalable decentralized identity system with privacy by design by using zero knowledge proofs.
Design and specify the core protocol, develop the core libraries, servers, smart contracts, zk circom circuits and zkSNARK Groth16 Go prover.
  • iden3/go-iden3-crypto: cryptographic primitives (SNARK-friendly) used in iden3
  • iden3/go-iden3-core: core implementation of the iden3 system
  • iden3/go-circom-prover-verifier: implementation of the Groth16 zkSNARK Prover and Verifier compatible with Circom
  • iden3/circuits: zkSNARK circuits used by the iden3 core protocol