Lagrange Polynomial Interpolation and Shamir secret sharing

Overview of Langrange Polynomial interpolation and Shamir’s secret sharing.


Batch proof in KZG Commitments

The benefit of batch proof is that allows us to proof multiple points while the proof size remains constant to one $\mathbb{G}_1$ point.


Notes on KZG polynomial commitments

In the following notes I’ve tried to summarize the KZG Commitments scheme with the concepts that helped me to follow the reasoning.


Notes on blind signatures over elliptic curves

In this notes, we will cover the scheme proposed at “New Blind Signature Schemes Based on the (Elliptic Curve) Discrete Logarithm Problem” paper by Hamid Mala & Nafiseh Nezhadansari.


CoffeeMiner: Hacking WiFi to inject cryptocurrency miner to HTML requests

The goal of this post, is to explain how can be done the attack of MITM (Machine-In-The-Middle) to inject some javascript in the html pages, to force all the machines connected to a WiFi network to be mining a cryptocurrency for the attacker.


Auto generated tweets from Markov chains

Developing a twitter botnet with autonomous bots replying tweets with text generated based on probabilities in Markov chains


Static blog template engine implementation in Go

How has this blog been made? In this post we will see how to develop a minimalistic static blog template engine with Go.